Thursday, August 30, 2007


From the depths of my editing life, I emerge victorious. Earlier this month, my boss informed me that we would have many projects coming up and that was not an understatement. I just finished critiquing my fifth of six books for the month and I have done heavy proofreading on four of them. All of this and I managed to write the content for our new website! And by our new website, I mean my and Travis' new website where we are selling something super cool that y'all have to buy because it is awesome and you'd be supporting a good cause and a start-up business. When the website is up and all cool with the new text, I'll get y'all the link so you can go nuts.

  • I'm trucking along still on the Test Knitting Project #2 and I'm thisclose to being finished. Yippee! After that I have to get on doing some of the commissions I've committed to doing.
  • I am test knitting another pattern that is pretty groovy and I decided to use Elann's Lara in Magenta or Crimson. It looks like this: Elann Lara
  • I think I am going to restart the ring pillow because now I'm not so in love with it. I'm thinking a lace panel instead of bobbles. I don't want the rings to get caught on the honkin' big bobbles. That would be awkward.
  • I cast on a pair of socks a few days ago in this: Plymouth Sockotta I'm calling them Porkchop's Party Socks because they are for my friend, Porkchop and the colors are all about a party. I decided to use the Moorish Lattice Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks because I've been wanting to try it forever. It doesn't show up so fantastic with hyper-variegated yarn but I still like it. Also, it's a really really stretchy stitch.
  • I made a list of all the knitting I have to do before Christmas and that sidebar reflects only a fraction of the knitting I have to do. I'm an idiot.
Tales From the Tattoo Shop
  • It's been a while since I posted anything in this section but it is coming back. I swear. I have a story to tell you about a crazy person who came in yesterday (and every day for like seven days prior to yesterday) but it makes my blood pressure shoot through the roof so I'm giving it another day to rest. She was crazy and didn't make any sense and say things like, "Tha's what I'm axing you to do."
Partaking in Culture
  • We have Dexter in the queue of netflix on the recommendation of some friends. We watched three minutes of it and got hooked. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • The Return with Sarah Michelle Gellar is horrible. I know this is a big surprise considering the all star cast but it really was bad. It didn't make a damn bit of sense until the last few minutes and it wasn't in that cool Sixth Sense kind of way but in that lame WTF is going on kind of way. I'm a sucker for a bad horror movie and this didn't even qualify as bad.
  • Reno 911 the Movie was hilarious. We watched it the other night with some friends. I laughed profusely. It's like watching a two hour episode of the show and I really like the show so it certainly stands to reason that I would like the film. It definitely could not be considered high-brow academic humor in any way but that's okay because some base ridiculousness is good sometimes.
Well, dear bloglings and blogettes, if I don't hear from tarabeth by Monday, I'm sending the sock yarn to the runner up. I hope y'all are doing well. I need to go take some photos of the stuff I'm knitting up and show that to y'all. Enjoy the cooler evenings.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hi, my name is FancyPants and I'm a knitting addict

I think it's safe to say that I'm a knitting addict. I have three projects on the needles now but I should actually be doing like five projects because they all need to get done. I need many arms, like Vishnu. I just got the newest issue of Interweave Knits. I don't know what took me so long. I've only paged through it or else I'd give you the rundown. I found at least three sweaters I really want to make. I know, you are surprised by this. I also just bought Victorian Lace Today and Ann Budd's Favorite Socks because y'know, I need more sock knitting patterns because I only have a million now. Dios meo, mis amigos, dios meo.

Not much to report at the moment other than tarabeth still needs to leave me her email address so I can send her sock yarn. I worked on Porkchop's party sock (not yet in the sidebar) a little bit while I was reading the other day. I like it. It's right colorful. I am nearly done with Test Knitting Project #2. Hurrah!! And I've done nothing more on my sister's ring pillow. I'm going home to knit now. Wish me luck.

I hope y'all are doing well. I will be way more exciting, and with photos, next post. :)
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

And I'm finally back

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I feel like there was much gnashing of teeth and showing of swords in a threatening manner every time y'all checked my blog, only to see that I still hadn't done a damn thing with it. So I humbly apologize to y'all and appreciate your patience. I didn't get one (1) angry email even.

So, after much deliberation over the wonderful suggestions y'all provided for my bulky cashmere, I hemmed and hawed over two suggestions that really spoke to me. I finally decided that tarabeth (leave me your email address in a comment so I can get in touch with you to send you your yarn!) is the winner of the Wildfoote sock yarn for her suggestion. In memorial to my kitten, I will make a cashmere kitten out of it that is many colors, just like she was, and is super soft, just like she was. Thank you to everyone for your participation and excellent suggestions. I am filing all of them away for future use, especially the Scribble Lace Scarf and the eyemask! Thanks again for participating. Contests are fun so I believe I will have more in the future.

Also, I have to say thank you thank you thank you thank you for all your kind words and thoughts about the kitty. It was so sweet and thoughtful of y'all and it provided immeasurable comfort to me.

Moving on....
  • I finished the Gentleman's Fancy Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. Yahoo! I've got a new pair of socks and here they are: Finished Gentleman's Fancy Sock I'm quite pleased with them and, of course, I had to cast on another pair (different pattern), shortly thereafter because I can't seem to not have a pair of socks on my needles lately.
  • So, sock knitting. I finished my first pair a while ago (the red ones) and I love with them with a passion that can only be reserved for your first pair of finished socks. Then I made some baby socks (look through the photos to see my white, furry model) and then I finished the Gentleman's Fancy Sock. I'm hooked. I have to have at least one pair of socks on the needles at all times now. I think I would actually like to have two pair on the needles at all times, one complicated and one mindless, and I have great plans for some socks that I want to create. I'll even give you the patterns so you can try 'em out yourself when I've finished. Yahoo!! Free stuff!!
  • And I will have more free patterns to give to you throughout the rest of the year. I'm going to mix up some free ones with some ones for sale so everybody gets something. I get to call myself an honest-to-goodness knitwear designer and you will get some free patterns and the opportunity to buy (for cheap) some cool patterns to whip up fashionable, fun sweaters, cardigans, socks, and other things I have gestating in the brain pool at the moment. Hurrah!
  • I thought I'd take a photo and share with you my notes from making the Gentleman's Fancy Sock. My "professional" notes for the socks How professional, you might say, while looking at my penned notes on a paper towel. Hahaha. Yeah, so whatever patterns I plan on making to give and to sell will NOT be printed on paper towel. But if you do the same thing, you are not alone. Details on the sock: I used Plymouth Sockotta and it took me just over one ball to do it. I'd say about 550 yards for the pair. I used size 2.5mm needles and broke one just before I was about to finish the sock (there was cursing involved). I put an extra pattern repeat in the leg and I used one less pattern repeat in the foot to make 'em fit my feet instead of the MAN feet the pattern is written for (skinny, thin, tiny MAN feet). They were great fun to make and I recommend making a pair for you or someone you know.
  • I'm making progress on the test knitting project #2 and I really like them. The color choices, as I've probably said before, aren't quite me but I do like the pattern. It, again, uses a bunch of things I've never done before so I'm learning a lot and the outcome has been really positive.
  • Speaking of test knitting, I got another job knitting samples for a yarn shop up in NY, located close to the publishing company I work for. My publishing boss actually hooked me up with the gig and my first knit is a Rowan cardigan. Yahoo!! She pays me in yarn, which I love, for the knits for the store. She and a friend are writing a knitting book and I'll be test knitting patterns for the book too. Then I get paid in actual money (I'm honestly not sure what I prefer but the electric company doesn't accept payment in yarn although I think I'd probably knit by candlelight as opposed to handing over yarn....). I'll be able to share the store projects with you so that's pretty groovy.
  • I started the ring pillow for my sister's wedding. Jillby's Ring Pillow I'm using OnLine Goby in Cream on size 6 (US) needles. I went with a bobble stitch pattern from one of Nicki Epstein's books (my laziness is preventing me from getting up to check the exact title but you'll read about it soon enough I'm sure) and doing some other fancy-schmancy stuff with it. I'm pleased with it so far. I've actually gotten more finished since that photo so I'll update you with new photos on the next post.
  • I feel like I've cast on about a million projects lately (okay, so I'm exaggerating) and I want to show them to you. It's actually only been within the last day or so and I haven't had a chance to take photos and go through the process of uploading them. Soon, my dear bloglings and blogettes, soon.
Partaking in Culture:
  • If you want to laugh until you are gasping for air, go see Superbad. It is HILARIOUS! It, like most genius films, shows one day in the life of the protagonists, two 18-year-old boys about to go to college. It is funny and has moments of sheer genius. Definitely worth the ticket price and we may even go see it again.
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was also funny although it can't hold a candle to Superbad, Adam Sandler notwithstanding. Enjoy it on DVD. It was rather predictable but still made me laugh quite a few times.
  • We have a bunch of netflix movies and movies from the video store that we have to watch over the next few days so I'll give you the haps on those when I view them. I have notoriously weird taste in films so the netflix movies should prove interesting. One of them is even a horror movie (there is much rejoicing!).
Well, my darling bloglings and blogettes, thank you again for your patience and for coming to read up on what's going on with me. I will be hosting another contest as soon as I find a reason to do so (which is, like, every other day with me...I swear.) but thanks again for your ardent participation in the last one. I'm thinking of adding a new section to the blog so stay tuned to see if I actually do it. It should be at least mildly humourous. I hope y'all are doing well and enjoying life. I know that many of the kiddos are back in school so stay-at-home mamas and papas have been able to reclaim their days and university students are once again able to find reasons to skip class. Oh, the days.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'll announce the winner shortly

I promise!! I've been super super busy with proofing and knitting but I chose a winner and I will announce very soon. Thanks for hanging in there. OOOH! And I have photos to show you. Much fun will ensue.

Transmission Ended

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I just learned how to Norwegian Purl and I love it! Find a tutorial and learn how to do it. It makes ribbing go soooo much faster after you learn to do it.

Also, read this about a sock this woman's husband knit. It is his first sock but, more importantly, look at the sock in action.

Moving on...

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who left kind, thoughtful comments related to the death of our kittie. Y'all's response was really wonderful and made me feel much better. Thank you again. Going along in that vein, I would also like to say thank you to my new commenters, Yarnhog, Kim, Shannon, and the others (my brain is stalling out on names right now). I'm a lover of comments and it's always nice to see new people stopping by and saying hello. I have a tendency to lurk on a lot of blogs but I try to comment and give my love to the many wonderful bloggers that take the time to frequently update their blogs so I have something to read while I'm knitting along. When I started this blog, I was convinced that no one would read it, blah blah blah, but, lo and behold!, I have made friends as result of doing this. I have met really cool people and learned a lot of interesting things, about knitting, life, and humanity. I'll be updating my regular reads on the sidebar to reflect the blogs I actually read every day very soon.

Speaking of cool things, Valerie, over at her blog, nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award some time ago and I kept forgetting to mention it. Thanks for that, Valerie! I still need to swipe the button and post it on my sidebar.

The Summer Stash Swap is officially over and I can't wait for next year's swap! I had roughly fifteen amazing participants who displayed true generosity, creativity, and kindness through their swaps. I will definitely be doing this again next year so stay tuned for that. It was my pleasure to host the swap and become "swap mistress," as I was so thoughtfully labeled by one swapper. :)


  • If you'll glance over at the sidebar, I've decided to be courageous and start progress bars for my Christmas knitting. I'm hoping it will keep me motivated and remind me what I need to get done as opposed to terrifying me into revolt, wherein I refuse to knit Christmas gifts.
  • The Gentleman's Fancy Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns, by Nancy Bush, are coming along quite well. I've had some time to work on them here and there lately and I have turned the heel and stitched my way through the gussets. I'm now working on the foot so, before long, I will have a pair of socks! Hurrah! I'll have photos of it soon...another artful photo of my pale-ass legs in handknit socks. Be sure not to miss that. :)
  • The second test knitting project is coming along splendidly. They received my first project and gave me some constructive criticism for it, which it needed. However, I feel much more confident about this project, even though it too involves a number of new things for me. I can't show you the actual project so, instead, I'll show you the swatch. Here it is:Swatch for Test-knitting project #2 *A note on stranded colorwork - I've found that the fabric created by stranded colorwork is much more even, in density and appearance, if you catch the floating yarn every two stitches or so, instead of letting them float over five stitches. There is also less likelihood that things will get caught on the floats when you put on the garment.*
  • I was asked why I decided to frog the TaTa Tube and all I can say is that in theory, it was a good project. In reality, it didn't turn out so well. I may tweak the design, which I still kind of like, and change the yarn (which was wrong wrong wrong the first time around) to see what I come up with. The crochet edging I chose for it was also not the best decision I've made in a while.
  • I've been talking mad, crazy designs and patterns with Christine and, between the two of us, y'all are going to be up to your eyeballs in knitting patterns. I've got some great designs (better than the TaTa Tube, I swear!) kicking around in my noodle for everything from socks to sweaters and a few home furnishing things so we can all look forward to those in the months ahead.
  • I have only received two ideas (two good ideas, from Sharon and Allie, but still only two) for what to do with the bulky cashmere pictured below. I like them both but I would still like to solicit more ideas. If you have an idea for what I can do with it, leave me a comment. If I love it, I'll send you a skein of Wildfoote sock yarn in the Rock and Roll colorway. If I can't choose between two or more, I'll use the random number generator to pick a winner.
Partaking in Culture:
  • As of late, we have seen Ratatouille (hilarious!! I nearly snorted while I was laughing, it was that damn funny), Hot Rod (stupid funny but still funny. Go have a laugh and see it), and The Simpsons movie. I am a hardcore Simpsons fan so I had eagerly anticipated the movie for a long long time. I was not disappointed. If you even remotely like the Simpsons, go see the movie. It is genius and hilarious.
  • I'm reading The Nautical Chart right now (see sidebar) and it's fantastic. It's very layered and the story-telling is magnificent and vivid. I'm glad the author has written quite a few books so I will be able to work my way through them. It drives me bonkers when I find an author I really like only to find that they've only written one book and I can't read anything else by them. For the longest time, Vikram Chandra was like that. He recently put out Sacred Games: A Novel, which was seven long years in the making. I haven't read it yet so I have nothing to report about it. I'll let you know when I do, though, because I have very high hopes for it. If it's anything like his first book, Red Earth and Pouring Rain: A Novel, I know it will be an amazing read.
  • We listened to Terry Pratchet's The Colour of Magic (Discworld Novels) on the way back from TN this time. It's not generally the genre that I read but it was SO MUCH FUN to listen to. It's really a fun, witty, imaginative book. Give it a listen while you are knitting and the time will just fly by. It seems to start off a bit slow but I think that is due, in part, to the fact that it is linguistically correct, which is something seldom heard today, unfortunately (don't get me started on language or linguistics. We'll be here all day). After you get accustomed to the rhythms of the speech and the language, it is thoroughly enjoyable. We aren't quite finished with it (half of one disc to go) so I'll hold off on giving it any sort of review until then.
For the moment, that's about all I can think of that I need to tell you, my dear bloglings and blogettes. There are a couple of really big things coming up that I'm looking forward to sharing with you but, until they are in our hot little hands, I'm going to hold off and just tease you about it until then (hehehe). I'll be back soon. I hope you are having a beautiful day and not wilting in the heat. Drink a lot of water lest you get dehydrated.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Candy 1989 - 2007

It is with great sadness that I report that Candy, the beautiful kitten discussed below, has passed away. She developed diabetes but soldiered on for quite a while seemingly without any problems. I spoke with my mama today and she told me that, after keeping vigil with Candy all weekend, she passed away without incident on Saturday night. Candy was interred with her favorite toy in a sunny spot, between two palm trees, behind the house. I am sad.

Transmission Ended

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's gonna be a bright and sunshiny day

I can see clearly now that some of my previous projects (like the TaTa Tube and the Shortie Jacket) are destined to become yarn again. If you look to the sidebar, you'll notice that I've eradicated them from the progress bars. I don't have enough yarn to do sleeves on the jacket (that I don't really like anyway) and the TaTa Tube was a serious error in knitting judgment. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking with that one but I at least had the foresight not to unleash it on the world. *Wipes brow in relief* I was talking with Christine via ye olde email today and struck upon the idea of turning the Shortie Jacket yarn into a Tough Baby jacket so I suppose I'll add that to the project list and start it up eventually. Now that I have affirmatively decided to frog these projects, I feel much better. Do they count toward the 2007 UFO project, though?
*Please note that I will finish that damned Tulip Shawl because I want to and it needs to be finished because it will be beautiful. Real tulips will turn green with envy when confronted with the finished product.

More Knitting:
  • So I bought this:
    Hand-dyed Artisan Bulky Cashmere a long time ago and I only bought one skein. It is approximately 54 yards of bulky weight cashmere and I have had it sitting on the coffee table for at least a month. I only recently wound it up into that delicious little yarn cake. It used to look like this: Some hand-painted artisan cashmere It's beautiful. It's soft. And there is only 54 yards of it. If anyone can give me a suggestion for it that will actually work, I'll send you something cool and yarn related. Call it a contest. Leave me a comment on something cool to do with it and, if I like it, I'll send you something groovy in return.
  • The Gentleman's Fancy Sock #2 (that I have remanded to my sock drawer's custody) is about a third done. I've been stealing rows throughout the day, in between editing like a machine. I may just have a pair of socks to wear this weekend when we are up in TN.
  • I haven't heard anything negative, yet, about the test knitting project #1 that they should have gotten today. In fact, they asked me to knit up something else for them so test knitting project #2 went up in the progress section. It involves stranded colorwork so that should be fun...and interesting. On a positive note, my finger has almost returned to normal.
Other stuff:
  • Since I am now updating my blog more frequently (or trying to anyway), I have to dig around a little bit more for interesting things to regale you with. Anyway, with that being said, I would like to say something more about the oldest cat at my mama's house. Remember her? Kitty rocks! I definitely didn't do her justice and I felt badly about that because she's really cool. I got her and her sister (who abruptly disappeared) when they were both wee little fluff balls. Her name is Candy but I've always called her Kitty. She's always been my cat and she's really the first cat that I can remember having. She tolerated the rottweiler we had and lived through living with me when I went to university and started collecting cats. She's never complained or sulked or even been mildly disgruntled. She has also never poo'd in a litter box, but opted to do so just beside it instead (much to the dismay of my mother). She now lives at my mother's house, with her five younger cat brothers and she rules with an iron paw. She has developed feline diabetes so she drinks a lot of water and pees a lot but she maintains a good quality of life so we don't see any reason to do anything drastic. She sleeps on my bed and snuggles with me when I go home and my mama claims she comes to life when I am around. She carries around a cat toy filled with catnip that I knitted some time ago and she regularly delivers it to my mama's bedside as a gift of her mighty hunting. She begs for food and will win any staring contest you want to put her in. I love her little furry paws and the way fur comes out of her ears. I love the she tolerates kisses all over her head and will even snuggle up with you afterwards, despite being a cat and hating that sort of thing out of obligation. I could talk about her a lot more but I won't because I'm starting to get a lump in my throat and get all misty-eyed. Anway. Thanks for putting up with me elegy to my cat. I feel better now. Be prepared for more because I'm feeling sentimental lately.
I'll be back with more knitting once I get some more knitting done. I feel like y'all deserve some patterns and stuff like that so I'll see what I can do about that too. I've got some things in mind for that so it should be a pretty fruitful next couple of months on the knitting front. I have a lot of inspiration (and a lot of yarn. An LYS down by my mama's was going out of business and I fortuitously happened upon it before they closed down. I got so much great yarn. I'm up to my eyeballs in Malabrigo and cashmere blends.). Stay cool in this hell-hot weather and I'll be back soon. As usual, thanks for reading.
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Monday, August 06, 2007

Some stuff I've been promising you

Hi all!


  • I've got the test knitting project #1 out in the post and done!! Yahoo!! I am relieved as all get out. Here is a progress photo of the project:
Test knitting progress shot

I'm not allowed to show you the finished product, of which I also have photos, until it's in the catalog. I'm not 100% pleased with it but I don't think I ever would be because I'm a hardcore perfectionist about my knitting. But anyway.

  • Here is a photo of the yarn and the pattern I've been commissioned to do. The yarn is Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK and the pattern is Rowan's Ghost.

Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK and Rowan's Ghost

I'll keep you updated on the progress of it when I get it underway. I'm itching to get it started. However, I also need to get started on my Christmas knitting...That's for another post.
  • Instead, I'll show you the MAN socks which are now the me socks, again. The first one didn't fit Travis but it did fit me so I decided to finish up the pair so I'd have another pair of socks. I'll be giving the MAN socks another go, though. Here is a photo of the first sock in action and the start of the second sock, which has actually come along a bit further since I took this photo. It languished for the entire duration of the test knitting project, for obvious reasons (see previous posts).

Close-up of the first MAN sock

MAN sock #2

Partaking in Culture:
  • I finished Rant, by Chuck Palahniuk, a while ago and, as usual for his books, I really enjoyed it. His books are like a guilty pleasure...easy to read, quick, and fun. His books have this weird non-fiction feel to them. In Invisible Monsters, he gave exhaustive tips for removing stains and cleaning. In Rant, the reader gets a history of the spread of contagious diseases throughout history. Rant is written in an interview style sans interviewer. The reader is getting an oral history of the main character. Like all his characters, the main character of this book is multi-layered and the reader gets the distinct feeling like he is hiding something from them. Chuck Palahniuk has become somewhat known for his big reveals at the end of his novels and Rant is no exception. I do not recommend this book, or any of his other books, for the squeamish or the prudish. I do recommend it if you want some brain candy that you will demolish in a weekend...
  • I recently finished The Museum Guard by Howard Norman. It was a lovely book, rather folk story in its telling. It was set in the late 1930's and explored the day to day life of an average guy who became a museum guard because of his uncle, an alcoholic womanizer who is also a museum guard. The protagonist, Defoe, becomes enraptured with both a woman and a painting. The woman and the painting merge into one as the woman attempts to become the woman in the painting. Here, Norman details the pathos of a woman who has clearly made a break from her own reality in favor of what she feels is the more romantic and meaningful world of the woman in the painting. This book is at times frustrating and overall very engaging. It reads like the story of a painting, which is reinforced in many ways by the other characters who get the opportunity to provide the commentary for the story throughout the book. It was a refreshing read because it was well-written, lyrical, and interesting. The historical setting of the book was factually true yet unintrusive. There was something vaguely mysterious about this book and I do recommend it, especially if you like the feeling of peering into another life.
  • If you are looking for a nearly exhaustive yet well-categorized compendium of knitting stitches, check out Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns. It was first published in 1943 and has since, obviously, been reprinted. She starts out with some of the most basic knitting stitch patterns and progresses to the most complex. There are patterns scattered throughout (mainly samplers and such) but the real meat of the thing is in the stitch patterns. There is some great knitting history and a ton (300+) illustrations of knitting stitches, including profile views of stitches. There is also a discussion of design and incorporating various patterns into garments and how they will best work together. This is not a book I would have appreciated as a beginning knitter but I know as I advance more, I will find it to be an indispensable resource. If you design garments or home furnishing and do not have this book, I urge you to get a copy.
  • Since I have been sitting on my duff knitting my fingers to the bone, I have been watching too much daytime television. You know what's on in the middle of the day? Murder, She Wrote. That's right, I've been watching Murder, She Wrote....on the Hallmark Channel and the Biography Channel, respectively. Most of the acting is horrible but I felt like I was eight and staying up late to watch it with my mama.
  • Deadwood Season Three is out on DVD now and we are nearing the end of the discs from Netflix. I shudder to think that it will be over soon because now I'm totally engrossed. I'll have to turn my television compulsion to something else. Any suggestions?
Well, bloglings and blogettes, I am going to go take a shower and get back to knitting and editing (something new this time!) and watch another episode of Murder, She Wrote. Travis is running around getting parts for the truck (1966 Chevy 10 - "Lucille" - she's up and running and we are happy to have her back. There is nothing like driving around with the windows down, sitting next to my baby on that big bench seat.) to work on that today so I'll be doing my usual....avoiding the heat and knitting for fun. I hope y'all are having a wonderful day. I'll be back soon with more knitting, more reading (I'm in the middle of a fantastic book!), and more happiness. Ciao!
Transmission Ended

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ni hao..

That's "hello" in Mandarin according to flickr. Anyway. What follows is going to be a very unsatisfactory blog post because I need to finish my glass of wine in order to decompress enough to write a better one filled with all the stuff I've been promising you. Here's why (and it also explains my absence for the past, what?, week):
I finished the test knitting project #1 today (three days late but they don't seem to mind yet...I'm rushing it to the post Monday morning). I literally have a hole in my index finger from sliding stitches off a metal circular needle. I thought I was joking about knitting until my fingers bled but, alas, I was not. Blood and holey fingers notwithstanding, it was a fun knit. LOTS of intarsia. Y'all will get to see it once it's in the catalog. I'll be posting photos of it here. Knitting on a deadline is not fun but it was totally gratifying to finish the thing and, because I'm a glorious kind of fool, I will gladly do it again and implement better time/knitting management skills. I have to start now on a cardigan I was commissioned to do (Hurrah!) and it's on far less of a deadline so I'm looking forward to it. Also, I can show you lotsa photos. Now that I don't have knitting in my hands for the first time in days (we're talkin' like twelve to fourteen hours of knitting a day for the last several days. *wipes sweat from brow*), I have itchy fingers and want to pick up the sock that has been languishing on the needles and cast on about fifty other things. Alright, I'm tearing myself away from this particular boring blog post until I can give you a proper one or ten. In my absence (until later today, after I do some other work), I will leave you with a photo of Mommy Kitty, a cat that lives outside at Travis' sister's house who hung out with me while I was outside reading a book (which I will also tell you about later). Anyway. Mommy Kitty is cute. Here's proof:
Mommy Cat is funny
Transmission Ended