Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ni hao..

That's "hello" in Mandarin according to flickr. Anyway. What follows is going to be a very unsatisfactory blog post because I need to finish my glass of wine in order to decompress enough to write a better one filled with all the stuff I've been promising you. Here's why (and it also explains my absence for the past, what?, week):
I finished the test knitting project #1 today (three days late but they don't seem to mind yet...I'm rushing it to the post Monday morning). I literally have a hole in my index finger from sliding stitches off a metal circular needle. I thought I was joking about knitting until my fingers bled but, alas, I was not. Blood and holey fingers notwithstanding, it was a fun knit. LOTS of intarsia. Y'all will get to see it once it's in the catalog. I'll be posting photos of it here. Knitting on a deadline is not fun but it was totally gratifying to finish the thing and, because I'm a glorious kind of fool, I will gladly do it again and implement better time/knitting management skills. I have to start now on a cardigan I was commissioned to do (Hurrah!) and it's on far less of a deadline so I'm looking forward to it. Also, I can show you lotsa photos. Now that I don't have knitting in my hands for the first time in days (we're talkin' like twelve to fourteen hours of knitting a day for the last several days. *wipes sweat from brow*), I have itchy fingers and want to pick up the sock that has been languishing on the needles and cast on about fifty other things. Alright, I'm tearing myself away from this particular boring blog post until I can give you a proper one or ten. In my absence (until later today, after I do some other work), I will leave you with a photo of Mommy Kitty, a cat that lives outside at Travis' sister's house who hung out with me while I was outside reading a book (which I will also tell you about later). Anyway. Mommy Kitty is cute. Here's proof:
Mommy Cat is funny
Transmission Ended


Anonymous said...

Mommy Kitty certainly is cute!

Glad to hear the pressure is off you; now you can go back to enjoying your knitting :)

Valerie said...

The idea of knitting till you have a hole in your finger is very very very scary to me for some reason. -=giggle=- Glad you got it all finished up!