Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another happy photo...

As usual for things at the moment, I am pressed for time and darn near pulling out my hair on this test knitting project but I will invoke the zen principles and take a breath and be happy with my universe (I am one with the universe. I am one with the universe.). At any rate, I will blog more about progress and knitting and happy things soon. I promise. Until then, I will show you a photo of some new additions to my knitting library.
New knitting books

This photo reminds me that I really need to do some shorty book reviews. I have finished one book and nearly completed another book (both fiction) and read through the above books and I have things to say about them. Also, I got my invite to Ravelry and I'm using every ounce of self-restraint I have to stop from spending all my time on there and cataloging everything. But I have too much crap to do right now so no Ravelry for me at the moment. I promise I will not let it distract from my super-interesting (HA) blogging. Thanks for hangin' in there, my friends.
Transmission Ended


RachelW said...

Hi, Fancy Pants! Thank you for coming by - I was trying to reply in a normal fashion, but my kids kept bugging me while I tried to figure out how to reply to a comment on my own blog so I gave up and decided to do it this way rather than not at all because - oh there they go again, those #$%&^$s (do not have kids, no matter what anyone tells you - they totally wreck your blogging time! And a few other things...) Oh where was I? Oh yes: very cool to knit and write at same time. Also very cool yarn in your blog. I'm going to go look at it and shut up now.

Sharon said...

Hey girl! Thank you for the sweet comment about my "Digital Socks." I can't wait to get my Ravelry invitation; I'm sure it'll be here by 2008.

Looking forward to your book reviews!

Melissa said...

I got my swap package! I need your email addy to send pix!!! It's awesome!!!