Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cursed by my own hubris

So being the good little test knitter that I'm trying to be, I decided to check my gauge on the test knitting project. I did a gauge swatch before I started (see? good little test knitter) and I was spot on. There was much rejoicing. I'm now five inches (FIVE INCHES) into the garment and thought, well missy, you are rocketing through this so why don't you just check yer gauge (evidently I address myself like a grizzled 1860s prospector (double points to anyone who can name that pop culture reference))? I've read all the stuff about gauge changing in big projects so I thought I'd check. Well, I checked and I'm off....way off. Ugh. So now I'm ripping out five inches of my project. Riiiiippppp! I will be going up a needle size and reknitting for the rest of the knit. That's what I get for thinking so highly of my knitting. HA! Did I mention this will be my third go at this because I want it to be as close to perfect as possible? Well, it is and I'm still trying. More progress (or lack thereof) later as now I must go rip. By the way, i-cord cast-on curls up like crazy but I've been assured that blocking will remedy this. Back to ripping and then knitting.
Transmission Ended


Melissa said...

Thanks Erica, yest it was from me... Sooo glad she liked it! :) Thanks for organizing the swap! Can't wait to get my package!

Sharon said...

"grizzled 1860s prospector" pop culture: Yosemite Sam?

I'm all about receiving "double points", being a knitter. ;)

Yarnhog said...

Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2. For two straight years, my son insisted on watching it every single day. Would you like me to recite the entire movie, complete with songs? No? How about the original Toy Story?