Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's blog, bl-oog! It's big. It's heavy. It's wood!

I fell into a funk last week and now I'm out of the funk and into the fire. Yippee! If anyone can accurately explain why people fall into the funk, please leave the explanation in the comments section so I can, hopefully, prevent it from happening again.

  • I made further progress on the Boob Tube (again, tentatively titled) and, if I work on it tonight or tomorrow, I should have it nearly finished. It definitely needs a bit of a crochet border so it stops rolling in on itself. However, after reading yet another book on finishing techniques, I found out a way to prevent that from happening.
  • As soon as Amazon has it's server bug worked out, I'll post some good resources for books on finishing techniques.
  • I started cutting up some of Travis' old t-shirts to knit up a t-shirt rug for the bedside. It was not nearly as labour intensive as I anticipated so, for now, my plan for covering our space, and potentially others', is in action.
  • I wound up a ball of aloo the other day to make shower scrubbie sheets (like, add soap, water, and exfoliate thyself) and started one last night for a test run. If you don't know about aloo, check it out. It's a plant based fiber made from the nettle plant (which has a myriad of health benefits) that feels like, well, a stringy plant fiber. It shows nothing as far as stitch definition goes so groovy stitch patterns are strictly out of the question but that makes for a nice, easy garter stitch project. In retrospect, had I started earlier, I could have joined the Get Stitchy April Showers-along and used that for my project. However, in doing so, I probably would've freaked out and never done it as some sort of strange passive rebellion.
Tales From the Tattoo Shop
  • Travis has now been working for eight days straight. I took Sunday off and cleaned the house like a woman possessed. Seriously. Yesterday when we came in, people were waiting for him. Tattoo vultures! He scheduled most of them for appointments later this week. We watched red vs. blue online for most of the day yesterday and laughed a lot.
  • A woman came in on Saturday night with glossy, black eyes the size of quarters demanding a tattoo (three letters on her strangely bruised neck) immediately. She was flying high on something and I kept my distance while she huffed around the tattoo shop for about a minute and a half, complaining about the price ($80) and the wait (20-30 min.) before she stormed out with her posse. Scary.
Otherwise, things have been going really well. We're planning a trip up to Indiana to go to my oldest sister's wedding reception in May (on Mother's day weekend. I won't even get into the guilt trip I'm going to get for that.). My other sister (still older than I) is getting married in September and I'm actually going to be in that wedding. I get to wear a not so horrible bridesmaid dress and I thank her for that. It seems like this year is the year for people we know to get married. There must be something in the water where they all are...
Well, dear bloglings and blogettes, I am going to leave you now. I'll be back with some good resources and probably a few photos so stay tuned for more info.
Transmission Ended


Valerie said...

Everytime I read tales from the tattoo shop I start getting the "itch". -=giggle=- Not that itch! The tattoo itch!

The scary high lady would have caused me to run away. Weird people with beady eyes always scare me. -=giggle=-

emily brutalitë said...

I'm so excited to see waht you knit up next. The tales of the tat shop leave me thirsty for my next one :). I should be off, I swear my drama has hit the roof.

much love and cranberry sauce,