Friday, April 13, 2007

They call me mellow yellow - Quite rightly!

And that would describe me at the moment. I'm totally mellow, chill, relaxed, somewhere floating in the zone. It's been dead at the tattoo shop lately. Every single one of Travis' appointments cancelled this week for one reason or another. Weird. On to other news...

  • I got my special dyed yarn in the mail last week from Emily B. and I LOVE IT!! It's so luscious and tasty looking. I will have photos of it later tonight and will post them for all to behold very soon. I've been negligent about it and I feel wretched for that. I can't even begin to describe the subtle changes in tone and hue of the yarn so I'm hoping a photo will do it justice.
  • The MAN socks are going quite well (and simultaneously giving me a helluva crick in the neck but anyway). I'm knitting them at the same time (like I said before) and I've got a little over 2" done on the pair. I started with a 3x3 ribbing on the top for 1" and switched to stockinette stitch after that. So far, so good, with no stitches connecting the two layers. They are for Travis and he wears a size 12 shoe so they seem ENORMOUS but, then again, he has big feet so it makes sense he would need big socks. He's a big guy too so if he had small feet he might fall over a lot.
  • I've done nothing to the Shortie jacket since I finished the body. I keep telling myself I'm going to weave in the ends and start the sleeves and I keep neglecting to do that. Today, I vow I will weave in all those damned ends.
  • A lovely chica for whom I'm working up some custom lingerie/nightwear finally came in to the shop yesterday to be measured. I'm so glad she came in! It's hard to custom make something for someone when you don't know their measurements....
Tales from the Tattoo Shop:
  • As I said above, every one of Travis' appointments cancelled this week so it's been slow. Time is idling by...literally. People are busy little bees right now. I'm blaming it on tax season. Taxes suck!!
Partaking in Culture:
  • I just finished reading "The Single Mother's Companion" for a book project I'm working on at the moment. It was potentially the most depressing bit of tripe I've forced myself to read in a long time. I was raised by a single mother. I know the drill. However, it was very biased in the sense that all the essays seemed to be written by exceptions rather than the generalized population. There were a lot of essays by lesbians, African-American women, and women living on the fringe of society, like senators. I'm sorry but the entire population of single mothers is not comprised solely of African-American women, lesbians, and senators. Because of this book, I could go into a whole, disparaging exhortation of baby names but I'll save that for a later date, I suppose, as I'm too mellow now to exhort much.
  • I'm in the middle of reading Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Study in Scarlet" on while I knit the MAN socks. I'm such a sucker for whodunit novels and the like.
  • We've commenced to watching episodes of Quantum Leap again in the evenings. We're halfway through the third season. *Insert Quantum Leap theme music here* The travails of Sam Beckett are endlessly amusing to us. Intersperse those with some CSI (the Vegas version, not any of the cheap, Walmart brand cousins), the Simpsons, and the new episodes of Lost and we are an entertained couple.
So, because I lack photos and a gregarious tongue at the moment, that's all I have to blather about. I will return shortly with photo-rrific goodness of yarn and knitting. Have a wonderful day, my dear bloglings and blogettes.
Transmission Ended

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Valerie said...

Thank you for dropping by the blog and showing concern! -=hugs=- Again I have to ask "Why did they stop selling shovels in February?" -=giggle=-

Books: I have noticed alot of books I have read on single mothers is like that. The soft undertones of man hating propaganda seeping through the lettering. My mother was also a single mother so, sometimes they load it a little to make you not want to shave and go beat up a guy.

Quantum Leap was my all time favorite show growing up. Nothing amused me more than the moments where he would transport and say "Oh Boy" then the show was over. -=giggle=- I got such a kick out of that show.