Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blue skies, smiling at me...

So I've been sick, which sucks..sore throat, headache, fatigue. Yuck. A direct result of my illness has been no knitting, no tattoo shop goodness, and very little else. I know, super exciting. After the underwhelming result of my "Democracy?" post (There. I said it. Underwhelming.), I minorly revolted against blogging but I got over it and now I'm back. Still vaguely ill but back. In the meantime, I was tagged by Valerie, on her blog, to participate in a meme (which, according to Wikipedia rhymes with "theme" or "gem," depending on your location, in this case it's the rest of the world and the US, respectively.). I'm supposed to reveal seven unknown things about myself, which is difficult, in a way, because some people know a lot about me and some people know nothing about me but I'll give you a list anyway.

1. I read at least one "young adult" novel every year and I generally enjoy them.
2. It drives me crazy when people say "anyways" and "irregardless."
3. I think things like nachos and popcorn are perfectly acceptable to eat as dinner.
4. I'm terrified of armadillos.
5. I like The Partridge Family and other kitschy bands from the '70s.
6. I sucked my thumb until I was 11.
7. I've never read "The DaVinci Code" and, since I've seen the movie and didn't care for it, I probably never will.

So there you have it, bloglings and blogettes. I'm supposed to tag seven other people with it now but I don't know who to tag so I'm cheesing out on this part of it. I'm off to make an attempt at productivity now. *Sigh* I hope everyone is doing fantastic and enjoying the warm weather.
Transmission Ended


emily brutalitë said...

oh man, I totally agreed with 2, 3, 6, and 7. I probably would agree with the others if I was more in touch with armadillos and young people. Anyway, I will be doing this list eventually.

Valerie said...

I love young adult books. They're just interesting and there is just an added element of imagination in them I guess.

On the note about your previous post. I honestly can't believe the responses were that few. I mean most people are always shoving opinions down eachothers throat. Here at least it's for a project. Sorry it didn't work out dear. =)

mommakat said...

First time reader of a blog...any blog!!! And I enjoyed it, thank you. As far as knitting, it's a future goal, seems alien and difficult to me, and there is real fear I may be a "knitwit". Enjoyed the tales from the tattoo shop, personal insights, and cat pics too. Will stay in touch and check you out again soon. Mary, MommaKat