Saturday, May 19, 2007

Frogging and blogging

Just a quick update:
I frogged my sister's pedicure socks, finally, so I can make her a felted cosmetic case with the yarn instead. The socks were stripey and, since I was knitting them in the round, I decided to cut the yarn at the end of each stripe. This resulted in a lot of spit splicing and hope that the yarn won't come apart when I'm knitting the cosmetic case. I will say that it does feel good to finally have them frogged though. And now I can knit her something she'll probably actually use. I should swatch and felt tonight or tomorrow to see what I'm getting myself into as far as felting the wool is concerned. I'll update y'all with some photos on that later.

I finished (all except for weaving in the ends, of course) two dishclothes (that smell of cat pee), made of rainbow variegated Sugar and Cream cotton from Sprawl-mart. I have a wee bit left of that particular ball and I think I may have another ball but I have to go spelunking in the closet to find out if that is true or not. I'm hoping I do so I can crank out another three or four in the rainbow colored-ness. If I don't, I'm switching to some other cotton yarn I have that should be fairly lint free after I give them a good washing. I'm contemplating making a dishcloth for everyone in my family, immediate and extended. I'm crazy, I think, but I know they'd all appreciate it, even if they never told me so (I'm thinking about my cousins here...we rarely, uh, make that never, speak but, in the spirit of my deceased grandmother, who used to knit dishclothes for us all, I feel like it'd be nice to make some for them.)

Anyway. That's it for now. I know I promised photos but I had to pop in for a quick update because I was feeling bloggish (sp? on my made-up word...hahaha). I hope y'all are doing well this weekend.
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