Monday, January 28, 2008

So you know I'm not full of scheisse

I wanted to make sure to let you know that I'm not full of caca (but I am fully aware of how to say "shit" or "poo" in many languages), I thought I would let y'all know that I have uploaded photos to flickr today. I have uploaded photos to Flickr today for the purpose of putting them in my next blog post. However, quite a few things have happened lately (most of them good) that have managed to railroad all of my hopes of doing a real blog post today or yesterday or the day before that. That and I have a bunch of photos that I feel will add tremendously to my blog postings about what I've been up to, making them infinitely more enjoyable to read (akin to photos or illustrations being put into a book you've read more than once but, suddenly, when you read the book again with the illustrations, it's like reading a totally different book. Does that make sense? Oh, by the way, while the previous statement may be trying to pull itself off as analogous, it can only do so when one attempts to view the analogy between my blog posting with photos and illustrations suddenly appearing on the pages of a book that has sat on your shelf collecting dust between your yearly reading of said book must be done through the lens of hyperbole. Try it. It's totally analogous then.). It's not like I'd try and resort to using really long parenthetical asides to distract you from the fact that I haven't given you a truly good blog post with photos and "insights" and the banal minutiae of my life for at least a month now. If I tried to do something like that (which I never would because that would be like when you try and take a two-year-old to Sears or Walmart or whatever and have photos of said two-year-old taken for a holiday card and the photographer is saying to the two-year-old, while waving around a plush puppet that resembles a bunny just outside of the peripheral view of the camera, "Look at the bunny! Look at the bunny!" all while trying to get the two-year-old to look toward the camera and smile so he can take the photo. (Again, it's analogous by hyperbole. Just think on it a minute. I'm giving the blog reader a rare glimpse into my train of thought ("I think I can. I think I can. I think I can...") so maybe if you tilt your head to the left and squint a little bit more, it will make sense....or not?))) , you might think that I'm just being lame and filling up space with words that had nothing to do about knitting, my life, our new house, and a variety of other things I plan to show you complete with photos on my next post. For now, I'm just trying to let you know that I am still around and have big plans for posts to come! I hope y'all are staying warm and having fun.
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Valerie said...

We miss you lady! Glad to know you're out there and I hope everything is going well!