Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Brief Update and some photos

Hello my friends! I've been absent from blogging because I've been spending time down at my mama's house in South Florida. Travis met me down here so now everything is perfect and the weather is beautiful and we are having a real, relaxing vacation, despite the fact that Travis is actually down here to do a guest spot at a tattoo shop here. He'll find out his "work" hours today and we'll be able to factor that into our plan/not plans (we're not big on making plans) for the rest of our time here. Anyway. Here are some photos of the cats at my mama's house. She has six and I'll get around to photographing them all and posting the photos for you because they are all cute as can be.
This is Candy, aka Kitty, aka Fluff-buns, aka Old Cat.
Kitty rocks!

This is Marco, aka Baby Huey. He's 31 pounds (or about 15 kilos). He's huge and snuggly.
Big cat is big.

  • I finally got around to washing, photographing, and half-delivering the scarf I made for one of my mama's clients. I made the scarf about a year ago and it sat in a knitting bag (the one with the cat pee) for almost a year. I dug it out, washed it, and photographed it. It has, thus far, made it to my mama's house and it is now in her charge to give to her client. Her client lives primarily in Minnesota so she'll have need for a scarf again soon. hehehe Details on the scarf: It's a 1 x 1 rib in worsted weight yarn with two inches of boucle yarn edging at either end. It's about five inches wide and 48" long. I'm sorry I don't have more details on it but I made it so long ago I don't remember much....Heidi's scarf
  • I finished, blocked, and photographed the Previously Jill Socks. Details: 2 balls of Schachenmeyer Micro-color yarn (100% Microfiber (Acrylic)). Size 3 needles. About a week's worth of time, on and off. I used a four-stitch pattern (the purled ladder) from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. I love them. When I only had one finished, I was wearing it around the house, alternating feet. I'd like to call attention to my very pale legs. I've also included a close-up of the socks for your viewing pleasure. Previously Jill Socks.Close-up of Previously Jill Socks
  • I got the new issue of Cast On and Interweave Knits. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Runway Knits and Knitting Fashions of the 1940's. I'll give you the skinny on the books when they arrive.
Well, dear bloglings and blogettes, that is all for the moment. Oh geez, I nearly forgot. I will be going prize shopping for the Summer Stash Swap this week so I'll be posting pictures of the the prize goodness. Stay tuned for more details and, if you haven't already, sign up for the Swap. I hope you are having a beautiful day.
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Valerie said...

Welcome Back! It's nice to see you again! Glad you're having fun! I love the socks, they look great!

Valerie said...

I thought you might find this article interesting since you were asking about democracy a while ago.