Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Summer Stash Swap Has a Blog!

It's official. The Summer Stash Swap has its own blog so all SSS talk can go on over there. In news of my world:
I have officially kicked my Coke (aCola) habit. I used to drink one can of Coke per day and I switched to herbal and black tea. Less sugar and it still has caffeine. My liver is thanking me. I also read that you can gain like seven pounds a year or something absurd like that from drinking Coke or other sodas every day so, in an effort not to take up more surface area, I've stopped drinking Coke, with the notable exception of at the cinema and on road trips. I will be writing an ode to shoes in an upcoming blog post so watch out for that one.

  • I'm about halfway through my little felted cosmetic case that I'm making for my sister. It's simple and boring and whatev. I'm about to knit the gusset into it and then start with the other color of yarn. Then I'll stitch up the sides, felt, and sew in a zipper. I plan on doing some needle felting on it, some flowers or something so it will be noticiably cuter after that. I'm winging it on the pattern because I wanted to see how it would turn out. The yarn will felt and I knit it up wider than it is longer, because of the nature of felted knits felting up more width-wise than length-wise, but, because it's a cosmetics' case, I'm not uber-concerned with dimensions. Photos will be usual
  • I'm finishing up a baby sock with the same yarn (Schachenmayer Micro-color) and needles (US 3) of the Previously Jill socks. Since Sensational Knitted Socks didn't have a baby sock size, I decided to do my own thing. I cast on 32 stitches and haven't looked back. They are being done in a 2x2 rib and I made the leg long enough to fold over. Baby socks are ridiculously cute. I'm be kitchenering the toe tonight and casting on for the matching sock at the same time.
  • I thinking tonight may be the night to weave in ends. I need to weave in the ends of the Chevron scarf, the baby sock, and the cosmetic case. I like to weave in ends as I go, when I can, so I don't have to face a mountainous number of ends at the end of a project. I only have two ends to weave in on the scarf and the sock and one, thus far, on the cosmetic case.
  • I cast on some MAN socks for Travis, using a pattern from Vintage Socks, by Nancy Bush. Travis and I both agreed that the "Gentlemen's Fancy Sock" was a nice looking man sock so, armed with bamboo size 2s (US) and enough Sockotta to knit four pair of socks, I started them. Unfortunately, there are no directions for multiple sizes and I had to tweak the pattern so they would fit Travis. I'm still crossing my fingers in the hopes that they fit. If they don't, my papa is getting a new pair of socks and I'm going to try again for Travis. I'll keep you updated. I've already learned something from these socks though. I don't like bamboo DPNs for socks. Metal needles work so much better for me for socks.
Partaking in Culture:
  • We went to see a number of films: Shrek the Third (hilarious and cute), Pirates of the Caribbean Three (silly but cool special effects), 1408 (scary and delicious and GREAT), and my mama and I saw Mr. Brooks (the ending was a cop-out. Does anyone know if this is a remake? It has a remake kind of quality to it. Also, it was hard to believe Dane Cook as a serious character.)
  • Big Love is back in full swing and all I have to say is "Hurrah!" I love that show and now, with Sopranos over and the Riches and Lost taking a break for the season, its nice to have another show to tune into. I need to start DVR-ing The Closer, because I like that one too.
Well, bloglings and blogettes, I will return, armed to the teeth with photos for your viewing pleasure. Penelope has been doing her obnoxious meowing again, starting around 5a.m., which means I am grumpy lately from lack of sleep. My newest solution to her meowing is to go out to wherever she is meowing in the house and whack her with a small pillow. It works for about 10 minutes. Then she starts up again. This morning I had to chase her around the family room with the pillow. She's wise to my tricks. I hope you are having a wonderful day.
Transmission Ended

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Sharon said...

I am eager to see the pics! & good for you, giving up Coke. Did you know that you rock? stop by my blog and check it out!